Love, cry, fight, laugh, dream, learn… Sounds like a set of pretty cool New Year resolutions! I spotted them on an Instagram post by Brutal a couple of days ago. This - along with a live performance by my friend, visual artist Pablo Bracaccini the other day - reminded me that I wanted to try this bar/restaurant for a while.

Coming in with a couple of girlfriends on a random weekday afternoon, we were instantly impressed by the interior. It looked very cool, without trying too hard. Large front windows and gigantic spotlights made the place feel light and airy. Whitewashed exposed brickwork and wooden ceilings were contrasted with bright red metal shelves and leather chairs. Walls were decorated by the street artist Carolina Adán Caro, known for her cool “Art is life” graffiti all over Palma. This place looked very promising!

We ordered several cocktails and plates to share. In terms of food, we chose a few pretty basic dishes: bread with alioli, deep fried baby squid and ratatouille. All was excellent! The bread was fresh and warm and alioli was light, with just enough garlic kick. Ratatouille was made with good quality vegetables and the baby squid was melting in our mouths.

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Now, cocktails… I imagined this place to have some whacky innovative offerings, but the cocktails menu was pretty ordinary. A friend’s mojito had all the right ingredients, but not quite enough of any of them: It lacked oomph and was light and watery. Another friend chose a Campari orange mixer and was disappointed that the juice was not freshly squeezed. The last two cocktails – Negroni and Americano - were a vast improvement, though. Both tasted really well and their presentation was good.

Overall, I loved the place, the vibe (Marvin Gay and alike played in the background), and the tapas! Despite being slightly underwhelmed by a couple of cocktails, I would definitely be back to try some wine and more food!

Till next time – cheers!