The mezzer platter: bean and corn enchilada & a cauliflower and tofu tandoori. | Mia Naprta

Considering how many columns I have written so far, I have to admit that vegan places have been disproportionately under represented. When a close friend´s niece from Berlin came to live on the island with a view of expanding her vegan gastro consultancy, I saw an opportunity to explore this market a bit more. As I posted a question in IHAQ Facebook group, several people recommended La Mujer de Verde, so here we are...

My new friend and I were greeted by a friendly, bilingual father/daughter duo that showed us around and talked us through a pretty exciting three course menu. We decided to choose two different dishes for each course, in order to try as many options as possible and we thoroughly enjoyed the next couple of hours.

Photos: Mia Naprta & Natalija Cobanov

While we waited for our food I looked around and noticed some bright-coloured art, depicting familiar local motifs. I recognized this as being the work of young local painter Belen Pez, and the owner told me that they were rotating the art every so often, but always supporting local talent. The interior here was simple, but stylish, with whte walls, exposed beams and a lot of plants. The guests were a mix of young families, couples and friends, both local and international.

The soups.

To start with, we had one hot and one cold soup. The hot, lentil based soup was slightly spicy, and full of various root vegetables. The cold soup was white bean based, yet felt light and refreshing, rather than heavy, as one would expect from the beans. Both were absolutely delicious and I would happily order either of them again!

The Greek moussaka

For the mains I went with Greek moussaka, voicing loudly my disbelief that it could possibly match any meat based moussaka made by my Macedonian friends. I was quickly proven wrong and had to “eat my words” as well as the said moussaka. It was made with layers of minced meat substitute, juicy aubergines and rich tomato sauce and I was in love! Natalija chose a mezze patter with two dishes on it: a bean and corn enchilada with “pico de gallo” and home-made tortilla chips and a cauliflower and tofu tandoori with basmati rice. She proclaimed that enchilada was “as expected”, while we were both “hugely impressed” with tandoori!

The hazelnut remix.

We had some trouble reducing our choice of dessert to just two options, as everything seemed very appetising, but in the end we settled for a sour cherry yoghurt with toasted coconut and a hazelnut remix. As cherries are some of my favourite fruit, I was quite pleased with the yoghurt, but the hazelnut remix - described as “the closest thing you will find to a Kinder Bueno and a Ferrero Rocher, but vegan” – absolutely stole the show. As we almost fought for the last few mouthfuls of this delicacy, I thought to myself that – if all vegan food could be THIS tasty – I would consider converting to at least a part-time vegan. I wonder whether there is such a thing as a part-time vegan!?

We had some complimentary water to go with our meal, but also ordered a couple of glasses of fresh home-made lemonades. One was mango and the other raspberry based and both were super cooling on a hot day.

At 19 euros per person, I thought that the lunchtime menu was an excellent value for money. However, I was a little surprised by the price of five euros for a small glass of lemonade, albeit home-made and very fresh. Still, overall, I loved the food, the place and the people, and I would definitely come back, especially for that vegan moussaka!


Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina, 1, Palma


Daily menu at 19 euros