Fig in a burger? Oh, yes, please! | Raimundo Burger

Back in July I wrote about B3stial’s smash burgers and here I am, barely a month later, talking about another burger place. Although, as the two types of burgers are quite different, I would argue that this does not count as repetition. I was at Raimundo Burger’s first restaurant (on Plaça Raimundo Clar) years ago, and had a very good burger, but soon forgot about it, as I was not writing these columns back then. So, when Steffi suggested we try their relatively new place in Blanquerna, I was happy to oblige and remind myself of what their burgers were like.

The Place. Photos: Raimundo Burger

Nestled at the beginning of a busy pedestrian Blanquerna street, this vibrant eatery boasts a menu that “celebrates the art of the burger”. Using only the finest ingredients, Raimundo crafts a diverse array of “mouth-watering burgers, catering to every palate”. From classic beef patties to creative vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. The cosy cantina-style ambiance and attentive service added to the overall very pleasant dining experience here. Whether you’re a local or a traveller, Raimundo Burger is an absolute must-visit destination for burger aficionados. They have participated in The Battle of the Burger Mallorca since 2018 and won the competition twice, in 2018 and 2020. Not a mean feat, considering that there are usually about 15 of the best burger places on the island competing for the title.

This vibrant eatery boasts a menu that “celebrates the art of the burger”.

Scanning the menu, I spotted La Mallorquina, a burger made with 180g of Galician beef, Mallorcan cheese, peppermint, dried figs macerated in rum, alioli sauce and a touch of sobrasada. I am a huge fan of figs and I put them into everything from breakfast bowls to salads and baked pasta dishes, but having them in a burger was definitely the first. More so, macerated in rum! I was really looking forward to this...

First, we had some very tasty Guacamole Nachos, corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, jalapeño peppers, and pico de gallo, accompanied with home-made guacamole. These were absolutely delicious, but we ate only about a half of a very big bowl, calculating that we needed to leave enough space for the generous-sized burgers we saw at tables on each side of ours.

As I said, I went with La Mallorquina - and I absolutely loved it! The meat was perfectly done, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The addition of Mallorcan cheese, “drunk” figs and peppermint leaves tasted even better than I expected. Steffi went with La Mexicana, made with 180g Galician beef, guacamole, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, red onion and chipotle mayo. A few bites in, she proclaimed that she was delighted with her choice too.

We shared some regular French fries seasoned with rosemary and some sweet potatoes with Parmesan cheese and lime. Both were perfectly cooked and went really well with the burgers.

Having finished every last crumb of the burgers, we contemplated a dessert for a moment. Oreo Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream seemed particularly appetizing, but then we jokingly remembered “operacíon bikini” and settled for a couple of coffees instead, which were also very, very good, considering that we were in a restaurant rather than a specialty coffee place.

There is a reader of these columns of mine who regularly comments on them on the Majorca Daily Bulletin website, focusing on the number of exclamation marks I had used in any given text. Not exactly sure what they are trying to prove, except that I get very excited when talking about some of the spectacular food I am fortunate enough to try on our little island!? And any dish containing figs - plus local cheese - gets at least three exclamation marks in a single sentence from me!!!


Plaça Raimundo Clar 14, Palma OR C/ Blanquerna 1

The Bill

Starters from 9.50 euros
Burgers from 12.90 euros
Desserts from 4.90 euros


Monday to Sunday 1pm-3.30pm & 7.30pm-11pm