While I might be slightly too old to be a Harry Styles fan, so many of his songs are played in bars all over the island that it seems almost impossible not to absorb them by osmosis. Sometimes even to sing along...

When a friend took me to After Landing, I was automatically drawn to Watermelon Sugar as something familiar (“Breathe me in, breathe me out… I don't know if I could ever go without… watermelon sugar high…” Remember?). Anyway, looking at the ingredients, I learnt that this cocktail was made with watermelon, sugar, salt, lemon and Bacardi Superior rum. This sounded good and, as I don't think I have ever had a watermelon based cocktail, I went for it. The drink came in a ceramic cup resembling watermelon from the outside, with a lid that depicted its flesh. I thought that was quite fun. The cocktail was served over two or three rather large cubes of ice and looked and smelled lovely. It tasted really sweet at first, then citrusy and finally almost smoky. That, I thought, was a very clever journey After Landing's cocktail masters were taking us on. I liked it a lot!

We came here on a hot and humid Friday night, before the recent storms, and I loved the fact that the waiter kept bringing us bottles of filtered water to keep us comfortable. For free! Some establishments that charge up to 3.50 euros or more for water should take a serious note of this practice. They also kept serving us tiny pots of crisps and nuts, which went brilliantly with the cocktails. Beyond that, one of the three owners came over to introduce himself and made us feel really welcome. I was curious about their name, After Landing, and he explained that it had to do with the fact that they found jobs straight “after landing” from their native Argentina. Nice!

My friends had a couple of more grown up cocktails. One went for Patroncita, their versión of a slightly spicy Mango Margarita, made with Patrón Silver tequila, Licor Ancho Reyes, homemade mango “granizado” and a small red chilli. I thought this was very strong, but I loved the contrast between the frozen mango and the hot chilli. The other had a Pirate Punch – also very tasty!

Overall, this was an unexpectedly pleasant experience that I will gladly repeat at the earliest possible opportunity. “Breathe me in, breathe me out…”

Till next time – cheers!