Scenes at Palma airport this week. | Majorca Daily reader


Never mind the chaos at UK airports, it appears that Palma is still having problems at passport control.

Tourism chiefs have been calling for more customs staff in order to handle the influx of British tourists this summer but so far, the airport does not appear to have stepped up the number of staff and readers are complaining, yet again, of long queues.

Palma airport chaos this week.

Mark took these pictures of arrivals this week with the comment: “Its going to be a nightmare this summer at the airport if its going to be like this !!!”

Despite the airport having had plenty of time to get ready for the post Brexit rules for British tourists, there are going to be more problems ahead.

Now non-residents arriving in Mallorca have to have their passports stamped on arrival and departure and it is vital that British travellers get their passports stamped because of the 90-day rule. Considering the chaos Britons are having to endure when departing the UK at a number of key airports due to a lack of staff, the last thing they want are further queues when they arrive in Palma.

What is more, Britons are having to make sure their passports are in order before they travel. This will be the first summer Britons have a real opportunity to travel since the UK left the European Union and, with Europe the most popular location for overseas trips each summer, ABTA says there are some differences that people need to be aware of and prepare for before they head to their favourite destinations.

Holidaymakers need to check their passport will be valid as, when travelling to the EU, your passport can’t be older than 10 years when entering the country and you need to have at least three months left on your passport from the date you return.