At the air-traffic control centre in Palma. | Archive


Enaire, the state-owned air navigation company, is to invest 30 million euros in improvements to the air-traffic control centre in Palma.

Work will start this autumn and last until the end of 2023. It will involve an expansion of the centre and the introduction of state-of-the art technology. Enaire and the Spanish government have preferred this option to a proposal to build a new control centre at the Son Bonet aerodrome, as it will mean "optimising global investment" when the Aena airports authority carries out work to modernise the terminal building at Son Sant Joan. The current control centre and tower occupy some ​​10,000 square metres. This will increase by 50%.

Enaire says that following what have been a difficult couple of years because of the pandemic, forecasts for 2022 are very positive. Based on flight schedules for June to October, the Palma control centre will be one of the busiest.