Air-traffic control in Palma. | MDB

Air-traffic controllers in Palma will decide on June 28 if they will be joining a national strike.

There hasn't as yet been a formal announcement of a national strike, but the threat of one emerged at the start of June. There are three reasons - shortage of personnel, overwork and issues concerning a new collective bargaining agreement.

Figures from the air-traffic controllers union indicate that there are 53 controllers at the Son Sant Joan control tower, two fewer than three years ago, and 126 at the control centre, five fewer. The controllers' employer, the state-owned air navigation company Enaire, responded to the threat of a strike by announcing that the total complement of personnel in Palma will increase to 197.

At the meeting on June 28, the CEO of Enaire, Ángel Luis Arias, and directors in the Balearics will be in attendance.

There are five Enaire control centres - Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Madrid and Seville in addition to Palma. A final decision on any strike action will be taken at an assembly of representatives from these control centres in Barcelona.