Coaches and Uber vehicles would be among those charged. | Ruiz Collado

Travel agencies and transport operators in the Balearics are highly critical of the intention to charge certain types of transport for using the three airports in the Balearics - Ibiza and Mahon as well as Palma Son Sant Joan.

The Aena airports authority is due to introduce a charge in 2024. Critics argue that it will make transfer services from the airport more expensive. A "unilateral decision" taken by Aena will result in a loss of competitiveness for the Balearics as a holiday destination. In other words, it will mean additional cost for the traveller, as the charge, they feel, is bound to be passed on.

There already is a charge at Malaga Airport. This works out at up to 42.50 euros per day per vehicle. If this were to be the same at the Balearic airports, the possible cost to travellers using coaches would be minimal. Other types of transport would be affected - vehicles with VTC licences, which include the likes of Uber cars.

The Aviba association for travel agencies points out that taxis and buses, which would be exempt as they are public transport, will benefit while other operators will be penalised. The national confederation of travel agencies has requested a meeting with the president of Aena, Maurici Lucena, in an attempt to prevent the introduction of what is viewed as a new airport tax.

Aena say that the charge will enable higher turnover of vehicles and help to discourage the incorrect use of parking. The airports authority adds that it is undertaking improvements to the quality of service provided to transport operators and, therefore, to the end customer, which will reinforce the image of destinations such as Mallorca.