A Scottish passenger on a flight to Fez in North Africa from Palma Airport said that they were kept in the dark for two hours by cabin crew after the airport was closed due to torrential rain.

"It was hot on the plane and the cabin crew gave us no information at all. In fact they lied to us. We must have waited for two hours. Passengers had to buy extra water. There was plenty of tension as people were furious about the lack of information about what was happening," he said.

Palma airport flooded.

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The airport was closed for about an hour after a freak storm hit, flooding the main terminal building and causing chaos. "What annoyed me, is that we were told nothing," the passenger told the Bulletin. The plane finally took off shortly after the airport re-opened.

Some planes were diverted to other airports and there were some reports of flights being cancelled because of the adverse weather conditions.

Palma Airport advised passengers to check with their airlines before travelling to the airport. One waiting passenger told the Bulletin: "The airport may have re-opened but it is still chaos here."