The Ryanair flight finally took off this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Passengers on Ryanair flight FR209 from Ibiza to Berlin-Brandenburg have had a nightmare. They were due to take off on Thursday at 7 pm., but they were still in the airport this morning (Friday) until they finally took off at 9am.

According the Bulletin stablemate newspaper in Ibiza, Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera, to some of the travellers, the airline apparently kept them on the plane for three hours, even charging them for bottles of water. In addition, a woman suffered an anxiety attack and the Guardia Civil were called when one of the passengers got involved in a confrontation with the crew.

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The airline has said that bad weather in the German capital prevented the flight. The flight was not rescheduled until 1am and finally took off at 9am. Among those affected were around 30 members of the Agrupación Folklórica Es Broll, who were travelling to the German city to take part in a festival in Poland.

According to Marc Marí, the company initially offered the passengers to travel to Hannover and then by bus to Berlin, but not all of them accepted the proposal. Finally, the flight was cancelled and was been rescheduled for this morning. Many of the passengers had to spend the night at the airport.