WInners Mark Gee and Arline Brown.


Who hasn't heard "Sultans of Swing", "Romeo and Juliet", "Brothers in Arms", "Tunnel of Love" or "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits?

"The great songs of dIRE sTRAITS" is the new musical show by Óscar Rosende and his new band gREAT sTRAITS, in which he pays tribute to the successful musical career of Dire Straits.

gREAT sTRAITS in concert.

An authentic sonic journey with which to live once again the magic of all the greatest hits composed by Mark Knopfler, with a unique staging in Europe, nine excellent musicians on stage and the endorsement of Óscar Rosende, a guitarist from A Coruña who came to confuse the Scottish musician himself and his band.

In the words of Guy Fletcher himself (keyboard player of Dire Straits): "I was playing Why Aye Man and I have to say that I thought it was one of our recordings".

WInners Mark Gee and Arline Brown
Bulletin winners Mark Gee and Arline Brown

A few weeks ago we started a competition to win a pair of tickets to see The great songs of dIRE sTRAITS, and today we have our winners: Congratulations to Mark Gee and Arline Brown!