The cannon will be present but will not be fired. | MDB


People who are not residents of Soller or the neighbouring municipalities of Deya and Fornalutx will not be able to get access to the scene of the final battle of the Moors and Christians reenactment on Monday (May 13).

All the accreditations for entering the Plaça Constitució for the battle - proof of which is a wristband from the town hall - have been taken up. There is a capacity limit of 8,500 for safety reasons. Accreditations for non-residents were meant to have gone on sale (two euros each), but there weren't any left.

Another safety issue concerns the cannon used on the day. It will be present but it will not be fired. The Guardia Civil's arms unit had required new certification; this has not been given approval.

Arguably the most spectacular fiesta event of the year in Mallorca, not being present for the climax to the day may be a disappointment, but Es Firó has the benefit of lasting several hours - from 3pm to 9.30pm - and of having various locations. These are in the town and in Puerto Soller.