Etiqueta 'Soller Mallorca'
Illustration shows test tube labelled "Monkeypox virus positive"


Funky Monkey Mania

This week Anna Nicholas discusses the lastest pandemic: Moneypox. Also warns people about the recent incidents of pick pocketing and pavements in Soller so watch out!

Anna Nicholas27/05/2022 10:40



Anniversary number two coming up

The Holiday planning this year is second to none as everyone wants to squeeze the best out of every day they are with us.

Shirley Roberts15/02/2022 10:08

Murals in Soller Mallorca destroyed by graffiti

Murals in Soller Mallorca destroyed by graffiti

The murals were not the only target.

Lluc Garcia 30/07/2021

Blossom and fruit


Good News Week in Soller

So much work going on behind the scenes to make sure we are all vaccinated and ready to receive the incomers when the permissions are granted by Governments.

Shirley Roberts09/03/2021 12:19

the quiet Puerto Soller in these unique times


Sewing the positive seeds

The glowing future seeds are really sprouting in the Soller Valley beginning the post Covid hedonism which is being predicted.

Shirley Roberts16/02/2021 12:18

The coast


All about the figures this week

Take a look at what has been happening in Sóller this week and how its residents are thriving even in these difficult times.

Shirley Roberts02/02/2021 13:41

Damp December


Soller Valley alternative Christmas

The countdown to Christmas begins with a semi-lockdown and big problems with the PCR testing needed to get home.

Shirley Roberts15/12/2020 13:10

Port Peace


The lights are on

Christmas has landed in the Soller Valley and with the end of the year, Soller's people look forward 2021.

Shirley Roberts08/12/2020 17:31

Torrent in Soller

Spotlight on Soller

A serious round-up

Caring for the community in Soller during such difficult times.

Shirley Roberts13/10/2020 13:20