Es Trenc - the town hall and government have been at loggerheads over maintenance. | Archive

Campos town hall is to make a new request for Balearic government money to compensate it for reduced income and costs involved with maintaining Es Trenc beach.

On Friday, the mayor of Campos, Xisca Porquer of the Partido Popular, said that the town hall is having to assume all the costs associated with the beach being part of the Es Trenc-Salobrar Nature Park. It is doing so with Campos taxpayer money, which "doesn't seem fair to us". Ever since protective measures were decreed, Campos has suffered a "significant" and negative economic impact by comparison with other coastal tourist municipalities.

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The town hall also points to the hefty increase in the cost of beach services. For lifeguards alone, this will rise by 214,000 euros compared with last year, the result of a collective bargaining agreement. Porquer added: "We believe that people should be paid for their work and we applaud this rise but we cannot assume it alone as a town hall."

Other town hall responsibilities include the cleaning of the beach, general surveillance and the assembly and disassembly of walkways. To cover all these expenses, according to the mayor, the town hall now only generates income of 276,000 euros.

The PP-run town hall has had its differences with the left-wing Balearic government over the management of Es Trenc for several years.