Sant Elm is a beautiful spot with great restaurants apart from the beach. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The mayor of Andratx, Estefanía Gonzalvo, has announced to the residents of Sant Elm that the local council is studying a plan to counteract the change in the colour of the water on the popular tourist beach.

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This will involve the installation of three recirculation pumps aimed at preventing the proliferation of the Alexandrium Taylori seaweed, which is responsible for turning the sea green.
With a budget of approximately 400,000 euros, the project will include the purchase of two new recirculation pumps which will join one already in operation during the summer season.

However, Gonzalvo pointed out that they are still awaiting authorisation from the costal authority and the tendering of the project.
The mayor said she hopes the situation will be resolved soon, in the hope of having the three pumps operational before the tourist season.