The demolition of the old beach bar at sa Font de n'Alis was ordered by the former Conselleria de Medi Ambient. Work began on 23 May 2023 with the aim of recovering the dune environment and its habitats. The new installation will be removable and only 20 square metres in size. | MDB Digital


Santanyi is closing a long chapter of contention between administrations over the beach bar at sa Font de n'Alis beach, located in the Mondragó natural park. Starting Wednesday, work will begin on the assembly of the new facility, which had been closed since 2019. The new contract specifies that the kiosk-bar will be dismountable, with a surface area of only 20 square meters and a 2.5-meter annex bathroom module.

The specifications for the new beach bar were established by the Santanyí Town Hall, adhering to the guidelines set out in the Natural Resources Management Plan (PORN) of the Mondrago natural park. Consequently, the 'chiringuito' will be operational until October 31 and will not be permitted to have any outdoor installations such as tables and chairs. Last Thursday, the town hall approved the award of the new beach service, which will be valid for two years. Notably, the company awarded the contract already manages a similar operation within the municipality.

The Santanyi Town Hall expressed great satisfaction in concluding the lengthy process that began last February with the signing of the agreement to manage the beach kiosk. The agreement also includes provisions for the collection and management of waste generated in the area, as well as a commitment to collaborate on a comprehensive project to restore dune habitats of community interest.

Following the signing of the agreement five months ago, the mayor announced her intention to reopen the beach kiosk at sa Font de n'Alís as quickly as possible. The town hall had lost two million euros during the five years the kiosk was closed, highlighting the financial impact of its absence.

On May 23, 2023, the Conselleria de Medi Ambiente began demolition work on the old structure as stipulated in the PORN, which had been approved a year earlier. The old infrastructure was considered one of the most significant impacts on the destruction of the beach's habitat. The old bar, closed since 2019 due to a lack of permission from Costas, had a surface area of 150 square meters, whereas the new one will be only 20 square meters.