New look Hotel Formentor.


The new Four Seasons Resort Mallorca at Formentor will open in August this year after years of refurbishment. The new resort was once the Hotel Formentor, one of the island's top hotels which welcomed Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly and Tom Cruise.

"The Resort will offer something for everyone through its extensive culinary offerings, seaside activities with a pristine beach, and an estate vineyard - all in a beautiful and luxurious setting," Four Seasons says in a press statement.

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In general terms, the new hotel will have a smaller surface area than the original building - 18,600 square metres rather than 21,000 - and 108 suites rather than 148 rooms. It is said that it will be the most expensive hotel in Spain.

It had been reported that the hotel would open in June but is has now been delayed until August, possibly as a result of landscape gardening work.

According to some press reports the new owners also want to build a heliport so that the new resort is approachable by land, sea and air.