I once remember the Mayor of Palma Joan Fageda proudly announcing after his election victory that Palma city hall was “our home” and his door would always be open to any city resident who had a complaint or a suggestion. And indeed many people took him up on his offer. Fageda's “open house” approach proved successful. But now, unfortunately, city hall has become a fortress.

Elaborate security devices have been installed, from metal detectors to private security guards. A ring of steel has been thrown up around the Mayor's offices. All to protect the council and its staff from the horrors of an attack by the Basque terror group ETA. This terrorist organisation has claimed the lives of seven people in the last six weeks, the majority of whom were councillors with the ruling Partido Popular. The city council is administered by the Partido Popular.

It is sad that this action has had to be taken. But it would be even sadder if these elaborate security devices stopped us from entering “our home.” They have been introduced for a reason, not to keep us out. As Lord Norman Tebbit said about terrorism in Majorca earlier this year “you have just got to live with it and try and carry on as normal.”

Jason Moore