Dear Sir, IF Ray Fleming sees things through rose-coloured glasses, then Mr Phillips is completely myopic and needs to make an appointment, not with an optician but with a psychiatrist to sort out his thinking.

The Tory Party and its supporters have always had a genetic flaw in recognising great leaders. Look how they treated Winston Churchill in the thirties. He was ostracised for many years. The whole of Europe acknowledges Tony Blair for positive leadership in Kosovo and the fuel crisis.

Whilst Mr Hague runs around in circles like a little mouse seeking crumbs from the Prime Minister's table, Tony Blair will turn out to be one of the great leaders of our age.

Mr Hague pontificates on every issue that arises and makes naive promises to get to power. Fortunately, he will lose in the next election and the Tories will have a night of long knives. When Michael Portillo wipes the blood from his knife, he will be made Leader of the Party and then Mr Hague will have the time to sort out his drinking problem.

Ron Bronstein
Port de Pollenca