Dear Sir, having established his credentials as a regular visitor over many years Mr. Bottomley ( Letters Oct 3rd )tells us to forget the train and build the motorway to Alcudia.

Why? So that he can arrive at his hotel 30 mins earlier or to save the lives of some of the 'natives' he likes and admires. He mentions bravado in overtaking, I would suggest more often than not sheer frustration, being stuck behind a line of rental cars travelling at 60kms whilst their occupants are looking everywhich way, meanwhile those behind want to get on with their jobs.

An argument for the motorway true enough, but on a topic as large as this it must be rare not to find some positive points on both sides.

There are many arguments in the motorway versus train debate on an island of this size including land usage, pollution, efficient use of available funds etc. but surely the bottom line is that we have recently had elections for the local government. Development in all its forms was high on the list of issues debated and the people ( yes them ) decided to get rid of a party who had overseen years of development at almost any cost in favour of the present government whose platform amongst other things includes a moratorium on building more motorways. Not all the money is going on the train, Mr Bottomley will be glad to hear the road to Alcudia is one of those earmarked for substantial improvement in the near future.

Next time I visit my relatives in Fort William I'll tell them to get rid of those nasty windy roads around the lochs and get some motorways in there quicktime. I'm sure they will be most impressed.

John Little