Dear Sirs, after spending a lovely time gardening yesterday, I was really happy today and looking forward to more of the same.
I might have known the happiness was to be short lived, one of my lovely cats was dead in his basket in the back garden and another is in agony in a neighbour's garden dying of poison.

I've telephoned the police, the Guardia Civil and the vet in Felanitx, no one can help. I can wrap the cat in a blanket and take him to Felanitx, but it's impossible for the vet to pick him up. My friend phoned the vets in Santanyi and they point blank refused to come out.

We had our animals poisoned last November, obviously the holidaymaker has come out early this year. My only hope is, that when he walked away and lit his cigarette, he had poison on his fingers. If anyone hears of a man dying in agony from poison, please let us animal lovers know, then we can all feel better, knowing our beloved pets are safe.

Some 200'000 more Germans apparently want to have holiday homes out here, all I can say is, they're welcome to it. Obviously the problem of the water shortage will be sorted out for them and their day and night sprinkler systems (even when it's raining). Animals come way down the list.

Yours sincerely,
Gaynor Gadd