We are living at an important time in Europe's history. There is free movement of labour and there are some who believe that Europe should become a superstate with no borders and the same currency. Then enter Mr Grosske who believes that there should be a freeze on foreign (mainly British and German) purchase of Balearic homes. But this is not a speech from some ardent nationalist making a statement at Speaker's Corner in the Plaza España. He is a minister in the Balearic government. I think Mr Grosske should be told a few home truths.

A. The reason why the Balearics has the high level of income per capita in Spain is thanks to European tourism, mainly British and German.

B. The foreign real estate market contributes many thousands of million of pesetas to the local economy every year and creates thousands of jobs.

C. The taxes paid by foreign property owners help build hospitals, schools etc.

D. And as a European, Mr Grosske, you can't stop a fellow European from moving across Europe and buying a home because it would be against the Maastricht Treaty.

Mr Grosske, we may be living in a time of “political correctness,” but think the next time you open your mouth.

Jason Moore