Dear Sir, the latest letter of Mr Thompson in his ”Bismarck-euro” series is really becoming more than a joke.
It is this incessant “German bashing” that is giving more and more offence to people of all nationalities - except those who are narrow minded and bigoted.

Having lived on this island for some 30 years, in private and business life, apart from extensive travel, I have had contact with most nationalities, and from every, repeat every, country there are those who are unpleasant or obnoxious to such an extent that even their fellow nationals would cross the street to avoid them.

Britain (and that includes the English Mr Thompson) “invented” the lager lout, the football hooligan, highest rate for cruelty to children, lead Europe in obesity, and are European champions in (unmarried) teenage pregnancies; this is to name but a few. So, before Mr Thompson continues to throw stones, he should remember the ”glass house” he comes from.

I am proud of England's past, but not so much of its present, and apprehensive for its future. One cannot live in the past, for to do so would let the world pass one by - and that is why the association (to whichever degree) with Europe is essential. Britain was once described as a ”nation of shopkeepers” by Napoleon (big mistake!) but as can be seen today, like it or not, the day of small shops is diminishing to make way for the mega-shops.

There exist three main trading blocs already. The USA linked to Canada and South America, Asia, and Europe.

Each have their “leaders” due to the industry/expertise of their people, USA Japan - Germany. The Germans can hardly be blamed if in the 1970s when the UK was torn apart with incessant strikes, that W. Germany at that time had five main unions for management to negotiate with, whilst the UK had five hundred. That their products are not only high quality, but delivered on time (at that time a friend of mine waited nearly two years to get delivery of a Jaguar) is not something to decry, but to emulate.

As with England, ”the sun never set” on the Spanish empire in its time, but we do not have this being thrust down our throats daily by the Spanish. Rather, they are endeavouring to become ”good neighbours” with their European counterparts, fighting their own corner naturally, but with style.

Maybe it is time for Mr Thompson, and others of a like mind, to allow new ideas and fresh thoughts to enter their minds but if not, this ever decreasing, sad little group will eventually disappear into the past, where they choose to remain.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips
Palma de Mallorca