Dear Sir,
Your Viewpoint of Tuesday 29th May drew attention quite rightly to the smutty reporting of the BILD about MaJorca, it is interesting to note your comparison to the Sun newspaper, both are not worthy of wrapping up one's fish and chips – no longer permitted of course because of health regulations caused by contamination of the print – or perhaps the printed word!! But there are those gullable enough to believe all they read – for whom little can be done!! The tax seems to have had little effect on the Brits and our German cousins seem to be about in force – judging by the bars of Paguera etc and the number plates around. As for the shark? Well it's as much his world as ours – and if it happens again we can always get Julian Carey over and his “Prickly Heat Team” that should ensure he doesn't come back – the shark that is – not Julian Carey – unfortunately!! These two items don't appear to be effecting tourists – but there is one area that will have a more devasting effect than the tourist tax, sharks (actual or humans) and that is Palma Airport – try it out if you don't believe me – on recent visits to other parts of Spain and Europe I have waited a maximum of 15/20 Minutes for luggage – at Palma reckon on at least one and a half hours – yes – 90 minutes after a flight of perhaps an hour – or in the case of Brits or Germans a flight of about 2 hours – what a welcome to a holiday island?

The airport is totally mis–managed and the entire directorship should be told to get their act together or get out and make room for those who know what they are doing. It is inexcusable – nobody can turn round and say we didn't know it was going to be busy – it always is – unless of course the Directors of the airport believed all the rantings of the right wing fanactics – who have been so wrong about the effects of the tourist tax – but thats where I came in!! Yours

Alan Morris.Calvià