Dear Sir,
H aving just read via your internet edition ( that coach drivers are now going to strike during the summer I would like to point out that the average British tourist will only take so much. Last year it was the taxi drivers this year the pilots, and coach drivers. Me and my family fell in love with your island five years ago and try to visit twice a year and always in the summer months but it is getting harder each year to convince ourselfs that a wait at the airport every year is worth it. Last year it was problems with power as well as taxi strikes.

I don't really concern myself with what it is all about (which maybe I should) but we come to Majorca to relax and forget our own life and problems but the workers must realise you cant keep biting the hand that feeds you people will get fed up with waits,delays and poor services and will start staying away with only one result loss of jobs and revenue for the island.

The goverment and workers must get their acts together before it is too late.

Neil Cadman
West Yorkshire
Via e-mail