Dear Sir,
I write regarding your recent article by MONITOR under viewpoint. It seems incredible to me, to think that the powers that be can even consider expanding irrigated farmland to feed a rising population.

It is surely not man's God given right to pollute this fragile earth with his seed. Its rivers and seas are dying; our farmland is polluted with fertilizers and no bug chemicals, our livestock diseased and vegetables deficient in nutrients, cities sprawl like an open rotting cancer on once green pasture. Aircraft ply the skies, helping to deplete the ozone and enhance global warming - I could go on! We all could! This tiny island has little water and it will get less. The roads and capital cannot cope with the traffic, yet it is not happy with tourist level? Insanity all.

It is not by chance that senior scientists are looking hard at Mars - once there was life and certainly water, are we to suffer the same fate?
I quote you again “rising population” Yes but what must happen is for the population to fall and fast before it spins out of control, that is if it is not already too late.

As was once said - “When all the fish are gone and the rivers have run dry, when the trees are dead and the grass gone, what will we eat then - money? Anyway hopefully not the Euro.


James Hayward-Searle. Author

We'll come back

Dear Sir,
We have been to Majorca for the last 2 years running and love the island. However, while you are doing everything to safeguard next year's tourist market it seems the UK tour agents may be getting greedy. We read of hotels dropping prices, journalists being invited over to promote the market etc etc, yet over here prices are going up. Greece will be cheaper? but we will be back next year (at the moment).