Waiting for the bus that never comes Sir, I am writing to you as a long time visitor to Majorca at this time of the year about a very unfortunate incident yesterday in Colonia Sant Jordi. As you will clearly see by the enclosed bus timetable, a bus was expected to leave Colonia at 11.25am en route for Palma, terminus Plaza España. I waited in very good time with my friend at the official stop -- no bus arrived at the stated time at all, in fact nothing at all turned up until five minutes past midday to inform us (by the driver) that the bus was not going to go at all to Palma and the bus which would go would be leaving at 5pm, this day Sunday. We were not the only people waiting and some seemed very distressed indeed. This is a recent timetable, I had been informed by our hotel, in fact published only two weeks ago. We ended up forced to take a taxi to Palma, price 7'000 ptas, and same price back again as we had important arrangements to keep at 1.30pm. I think the bus company should refund our taxi fares for all this inconvenience caused which incidentally left us without even the price of a cup of tea and no chance to get any more money until Monday morning. It is not only tourists who are inconvenienced by this total breakdown of the service, I do believe in fact I saw some Spanish people desperate to get on the bus waiting before we arrived in plenty of time for the 11.25am bus.

Once before from Colonia Sant Jordi I had to wait more than half an hour mid-week for the bus but it did eventually go to Palma after a long stop to fill up with petrol en route amongst great complaints from the travellers. This one yesterday when it eventually arrived refused to let anyone on at all or open the doors with the driver speaking to people through a closed window.

I will be returning to England tomorrow and am enclosing my address as I hope for some logical explanation and really expect some refund from the company or the Tourist Board.

Thank you and all best wishes to all the staff at Majorca Daily Bulletin -we buy it every day.

June Furlong. Liverpool.

A Christian gentleman
The ABUCB (IF) -(Australian National Union of Black Catholics (in formation)) has directed me to express our appreciation of the affection for and the sympathy extended by the government of Spain and by the noble Spanish people towards the late Mr Christopher Skase during his self-exile in Majorca. On the other hand, Mr Skase and the rest of his family had, in our opinion, been treated rather shabbily by the Australian Prime Minister and his government and by some other misled Anglos -- this in spite of the fact that he was a real Christian gentleman. RIP. We in the ANUCB (IF) would appreciate it if you would kindly publish this letter in your esteemed Daily. Thank you.

Martinho de Souza. Hon General Secretary. ANUCB (IF). Australia.