Siezeable parts of Majorca were flooded yesterday causing some damage. For me this state of affairs demonstrates two clear issues; firstly that the hot summer season finishes August 31 and that it is useless promoting Majorca as a sun, sea and sand destination after this date; secondly rain in September is as common in Majorca as sobrasada. There is even a Majorcan name for the September rains, Gota Fria. After the humid and hot weather this summer you didn't have to be Michael Fisk to know that rain was likely at this time of the year. So the rain falls and the island is flooded. Why hasn't the Calvia council, with all their millions of pesetas, ensured that the drainage system in Spain's richest municipality is able to cope with rain-water. Taxi-drivers were refusing to take passengers past the Palma Nova roundabout early yesterday because the flooding was so severe. Rather than building the new cross Calvia promenade it might have been better if the council had up-graded the drainage system. Noone minds a spot of rain, as long as you aren't a holidaymaker from northern Europe, but what they do mind is that their business or home is flooded. This state of affairs has been occurring in Calvia for as long as I can remember and by all accounts it will continue. Window-dressing is nice but the back-office has to function as well.

Jason Moore