Dear Sir, We read with both interest and distress your article on the deteriorating state of Pto Pollença. We have had a home here for 11 years and stayed in the Port since 1980. It was a beautiful place, clean and freshly maintained, but yes it has started to fall apart somewhat over the last few years. This has, I believe, coincided with the great amounts of time effort and money spent on the Marina area. There have been major works on this part of the Port for the last four or five years. I am sure that the local council see this as a great source of raising revenue, but who will want to come and moor at a place that is starting to look like a second rate town?

The photo you showed of the road Llimonera, leading down to the Hobby Club apartments and the Bahia Pollenca Apartment Hotel is where we live and it is an absolute disgrace. I do feel that this is in need of immediate repairs, however there are only about four or five houses, two smallish apartment blocks, (one is mine), and the very large afore mentioned holiday hotels. The residents in the houses and apartment could not afford to pay for the resurfacing, but surely the Hobby Club, Bahia Pollenca, and the newly restored Hotel Galleon should help us. It is difficult to even get down our road. I doubt if anyone will bother, however as Llanaire is on the edge of the Port and is clearly not considered a priority.

Nick & Lorraine Blustin

(by e-mail)