Dear Madam
I would like to know where the Balearic Tourism Industry sees the tourism industry of Majorca in the future after the introduction of the tourist tax in May? There must be some long term analysis of what the industry will be like in say five years time – 2007. Where will this tax take Majorca? And how will its visitors who pay the levy be shown where the tax is being spent? People are willing to contribute financially if they are confident their money is being spent honestly, how transparent will the government be?

Emma Carascon

Thank you for your question which raises a number of issues. First, it has to be remembered that the Balearics, not only Mallorca, are the leading tourist destination in Europe, if not the world. As a result, we have a responsibility to maintain our position in the market and keep our competitive edge in a fast-growing industry. At the same timewe need to guarantee the quality of life of our residents and the economic stability of future generations. Concerning the ecotax it has a direct purpose which is to invest in: Renovating and reinstating touristic areas Acquiring, restoring and protecting our rural areas, our natural resources and our environment. Restoring heritage sites of social, cultural and turistic relevance. Revitalizing agriculture as a competitive economic activity. The projects awaiting are too numerous to list in this short answer, so may I suggest you refer to the website: or ours

Dear Ms. Blackman,
My question is very simple and I believe an indication of your ministry's (and Government's) overall modus operandi. I have written to you on two occasions (please don't say you didn't receive them– I hand delivered them) asking for a meeting. The purpose of which is to put over the majority view by the local marine companies here that the Balearic stand in the London Boat show is a complete waste of time and money and how it could be improved. You have not even had the common courtesy to reply. My question is why do you not listen to people that have a hands on knowledge of different sectors of local business. This same question I guess could be asked by local hoteliers and anyone else in the travel business!


John Rule

Dear Mr Rule :
My sincere and heartfelt apologies. There is no excuse for not replying to your letters but may I explain. At the time I received your letter and was going to reply, we were all overwhelmed with the 11th September events. As it happens, last year we produced a five year Marketing Plan, for which we interviewed and met with over 600 respondents of all the sectors of the tourist industry, including the nautical sector. Inevitably, for even such undertakings, there is never enough time or resources to involve everybody individually. I do agree that historically the nautical sector has been left to its own resources because it has been recognised as being very goodat its own self promotion. But our Marketing Plan 2001–2005 has revealed the promotional deficiencies in this area, which you have highlighted, and which we hope to address in the medium term.