The continuing complaints about the Port of Pollença only underline that there is a real problem with the councillors who run the town hall. They appear to have lost control of the frenzied dinero tiger. At the present time, one could be forgiven if reminders of the Klondike Gold rush come to mind. The excessive building rush of apartments, the frantic opening of new bars and restaurants, the chase of the tourist euro is pathetic. The Golden Goose is being overcooked.

But there are real problems which are being ignored.
1. The state of B roads around Pollença is a disgrace.
2. The roadsides and ditches from Pollença to the Port of Pollença are a mess and could easily apply to a Third World country.
3. The state of the beaches in the Port is well recorded. There is no way I would even paddle there.
4. Too many boats discharge their unwanted waste into the sea.
5. The church square in Port of Pollença must be awarded “the ugliest square in the whole of Spain.” Not a flower in sight.
6. The Pollença Musical Festival has now become a tired old boring musical festival, elitist and well past its sell by date. More to the point, it is subsidised by the ratepayers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of euros. (Does anybody know the exact amount?) Few locals go, and contrary to popular belief it does not attract tourists, only people from Palma and elsewhere. It is purely prestigious and is now importing groups to attract more German audiences. The money could be better spent (See above).

7. Try parking your car on a Sunday morning in Pollença. The streets are littered with cars. What a lovely old Majorcan town this used to be. But we have an underground car park for over 100 cars, built by the Town Hall a few years ago.... but it is empty, not used! The warning signs are there and people in power ignore them at their peril.
The councillors only have to visit their neighbours, Alcudia, to see how to beautify their town and countryside.
Ron Bronstein,
Port of Pollença