It is quite incredible how loyal the British are to the Balearics. Despite all the negative publicity the Balearics has received, in some cases quite rightly, the islands are still the number one holiday destination for the British. When you take into account that the Balearics are no longer a cheap holiday destination this loyalty factor is even more amazing. For the first time in ten years the number of British tourists outnumbered the Germans last month. The German market has slumped for a variety of reasons but their love affair, which saw German tourism soar to over the three million mark, appears to be coming to an end. German tourism to Majorca alone last month fell by 17 percent, a real slump. The tourist tax, cheaper competing resorts and the economic crisis have all lead to this decline. I think the Balearic Ministry for tourism should seriously think about giving British tourism an award because they stick with the Balearics whatever happens. It must also be quite pleasing for the local authorities to see that British tourism is concerned about local resorts. The letters of complaints we have received about Puerto Pollensa were written in concern rather than anger. I doubt that the problems which Puerto Pollensa is experiencing at the moment will result in many tourists not returning next year, it's more a case of wanting to see some improvement. Now the German honeymoon is entering its last phases it would be quite nice to see Balearic minister for tourism Celesti Alomar praising British tourists for their loyalty. I think if anyone deserves an award this year it is the bucket and spade British tourist. While others may doubt Majorca the British will always come, simply because they have been coming for almost three generations. How lucky Majorca is to have such loyalty.

Jason Moore