Help. I have twice tried to cook chorizo in cider, but have only managed to ruin two dishes and two meals. The cider always caramalises and ends up a complete disaster. Is there a special cider to use or should I give up and use wine instead.
Hannah McKinnon

Dear Hannah,
“Chorizo a la sidra” is so easy I can't imagine how you can go wrong. First of all, look for good quality, cooking chorizos that are not too big in size. For 4 people you will need about 250g of chorizo. Leave them whole and cover them with about half a litre of dry cider. The cider in Spain is normally from Asturias or the Basque country and most of the production is dry, country cider that is perfect for poaching the chorizos or txiistorras. Cook the chorizos at a gentle simmer for about 10–15 minutes, remove from the heat and let them cool in their own liquid. These are normally served as a “tapa” with a little crusty bread and can be kept in an airtight jar, covered with the cider, in the fridge for a week or so. If they look like they are going to caramelise, just add more cider to cover the sausages and you should never have any don't burn toast as well by any chance?.