Dear Editor,
I have recently returned to the UK from Majorca (before last week's storms) and have been to the island three times this year. My visits are on an annual basis and I have been coming to the island with my family for 35 years so I obviously love the island.

Much has been said about the tourist tax and the objections. However if the money collected can be seen to have an effect then I have no problem with this tax.

However, I have to say that the area where there has been a neglect especially in the Cala Bona / Cala Millor is the lack of maintenance of cleanliness of the shoreline with seaweed (what a smell) not cleared in the Hotel Bonamar area for 6 years (go and take a picture), cardboard boxes, broken shrubs, discarded plastic containers, unswept gulleys filled with sand and cigarette butts between there and Cala Bona. Last November's storm did not affect these items although I have no doubt authorities have prioritised the repairs to trees and other damage caused by the storm. This work does seem to have been completed weeks ago.

The overall item has to be tackled and I guess that would be the case in areas elsewhere on the island. British and German visitors who notice neglect will not complain, they just won't return.

Tourism is your livelihood – don't cut costs on your basics.

B Torkington. By a-mail