The German Ambassador to Spain, Joachim Bitterlich, travelled to Palma yesterday, to thank Balearic leader Francesc Antich for his government's campaign to help flood victims in Germany. The Balearic government's office in Germany has launched the campaign under which a large number of German children whose families have been affected by the devastating floods to spend a week in Majorca. At the moment it is not possible to specify the exact number of children who will benefit from the offer, as the possibilities of each of the tourists sectors which are collaborating have to be evaluated. However, earlier reports said it could be in the region of 1'000. The best moment to bring the children to the island also has to be calculated. Antich met the Ambassador yesterday morning at government headquarters in Consolat de Mar, to discuss the project. mIn a brief public appearance, the German Ambassador thanked the “practical solidarity” of the Balearic government and stressed “the very close collaboration and the very special relationship” that exists between Germany and the Balearics. Antich, for his part, expressed “our support and solidarity with the German people” and repeated the government's desire to help the families who have suffered through the floods.