Dear Sir,
Having recently returned from my third family holiday in Majorca in the last ten years I have been following with interest the correspondence regarding the fall in tourist numbers.

While Majorca will always be a favourite of our family I feel that there are some points which those in the industry should consider.
Firstly the eco–tax. This should not be charged directly to tourists as it is a most unwelcome “welcome”. The receptionist at our hotel in Santa Ponsa was visibly relieved when I told him that I was aware of the tax on arrival as it was obvious he had had unpleasantness on previous occasions when charging this tax.

Secondly the price increases. I was in Southern Spain last year where my pool playing son was charged 100 pesetas(40p) a game.
This year the minimum price was one euro(66p), a swingeing increase.
The same can be said for soft drinks and ices which are ridiculously expensive.
Thirdly when there are so many visitors why cannot a decent bus service be provided?
I waited more than an hour with my son at the Water Park in Magalluf for the bus back to Santa Ponsa to find on its arrival that it was full and could not get on. We were two of many. Majorca is special but please do not let greed kill the tourist industry.

Yours Sincerely

John Melrose. Edinburgh

Be warned

Dear Sir,
Yesterday afternoon at approximately 1500 hours, I had crossed over La Rambla in Palma from the direction of C/Olmos and was walking up the C/Jardin Botanico when I encountered a group of about 8 boys “skate-boarding” down the slope towards me. So I moved to my left to let them pass..not noticing that hung on the wall was an old metal box which projected some 25cm over the pavement, at a height of about 1.60cm, the bottom of which is very rusty and has a jagged edge on with I cut my head -necessitating a visit to the Clinica Rotger to have the wound inspected by a doctor as it was bleeding profusely, and in view of the deplorable condition of the box, I felt it only wise to seek medical help.

On leaving the clinic, I walked back to the site of the box and asked the two ladies in the adjacent newspaper kiosk who owned the box but they denied any knowledge of to whom the box belonged except that it was not their responsibility, and there is nothing on the box itself to indicate whether it is the property of GESA/Telefonica or the convent behind the wall.

My object in writing this letter though is to inform you that the Town Hall, or other body, should ensure that this box is REMOVED or placed higher up the wall, as in its present position it constitutes a danger to pedestrians being about head high. It is not immediately noticeable to anyone walking past it, especially if their attention is distracted by other pedestrians on the pavement, or passing traffic.

I was fortunate in that I only suffered a cut to my head, necessitating stitching, but had I been a little taller, or had it been dark so that the box was even less noticeable, the injury could have been much worse as the bottom of the box would have sliced through my face like a knife, with all the attendant risk of serious infection due to its deplorable condition. I trust the authorities can arrange for its total removal or re-siting so that it is no longer a danger to other people using that street.

Yours faithfully

Mrs H E Iles. Santa Maria