Dear Sir,
We have just returned home after another wonderful stay in north Majorca. We have had a house in the area for over 15 years, however our son had a road traffic accident a few years ago and is now in a wheelchair. Puerto Pollensa is our favourite resort, but we now realise it is terrible for people in a wheelchair. The road crossings are amazing and if the subject wasn't so sad it would be funny. Some pedestrian crossings have special markings for blind people and also a ramp on one side, but on the adjacent side it still has a 5 inch kerb.

Most of the crossings have no lowering of the kerb at all which makes crossing the road very dangerous. Also although the pavements are spacious, many of the shop owners place their goods well on to the pavement making it impossible to move freely. I am sure my letter will not alter the situation, but I hope that someone may take notice of the large kerbs that wheelchair users have to negotiate.

Before our son had his accident we didn't notice either.


Sally Schofield