Dear Sir,
While holidaying with my family in Majorca, I read with interest your article about “O.K. Majorca,” also a few days later another interesting piece appeared written by a lady in the tourist office, and now that I am home and settled, I would like to say how much both myself and the rest of my party (ten of us) agreed with your comments.

Can I firstly put right that nobody, as far as I know, has a problem paying the euro tax to the hotels, so anybody owning a hotel or business, using that reason for the drop in tourism needs to get their heads out of the sand.

The problem with Majorca is the general attitude of taking the tourists for granted, the rip off culture, since the euro came in, we noticed this year how prices had gone up. One night we took 3 taxis from our hotel to Palma Nova, one was 7.50, one 6.25 and one 5.35. How can 3 taxis going to the same place charge three different prices?

In our hotel we were paying for drinks, and getting locally produced alcohol, and then seeing other residents enjoying all inclusive while we were paying top prices was gutting. It wouldn't have been so bad is we had been served well known brands.

We went into Magalluf to look round, and it is so smelly. Why don't the shopkeepers clean outside their premises, don't they care, or maybe they think the type of people that stay at Magaluff aren't bothered.

We had a fantastic holiday and although we all love Majorca, we have booked to go to Greece next year, I think the Majorcan tourist industry needs a good shake up.

Top marks for service go to the Tokay cafe in Palma Nova. Immaculately dressed waiters always happy, good value for money drinks, spotlessly clean toilets an all round nice bar to spend the evening. We also had a superb meal in Wellies at Porto Portals.

Please if you want us all to come back in 2004 try to get your house in order. We have been coming for seven years, and just feel it's not the same anymore.

Yours faithfully.

Gill Drew. Hampshire. England