You could easily get offended by some of the statements being uttered by the local authorities at the moment. I say this taking into account that this island survives thanks to foreign investment and money. I suppose that as we live here we have become quite accustomed to these mutterings but imagine if you just arrived on Majorca and you read the President of the Council of Majorca's speech saying that “immigration must be stopped because all we have fought for is at stake.” Followed up days later by the Vice President of the Balearic government indicating that he wanted to slowdown economic growth so that less jobs are created and therefore there is no need for further immigration. This not the message Majorca should be giving. Immigration is a European wide problem but you can understand why certain sections of the German media come out with statements such as “Germans no longer welcome in Majorca.” Just what are the local authorities trying to do? Just what are their policies? I love Majorca dearly, but as I have said before I am also an immigrant. It's not nice to be told that family members cannot come here because they might hurt “everything we have fought so hard to achieve.” Majorca is what it is today thanks to the Majorcans but also thanks to a large number of hard-working people from other countries who have helped transform the island into the Number 1 tourist destination in the world. Many of the pioneers of the tourist industry have now passed on but they must be turning in their graves at some of the statements which are being made at the moment. Please, no more silly speeches on so-called popular issues here which are making the island unpopular elsewhere.

Jason Moore