Dear Sir,
On behalf of the Mallorca Cricket Club in my role as Public Relations Officer I would like to reply to the letters regarding the Bonfire Night.

Firstly, we are receptive to constructive criticism, as this is the only way to improve. We have taken on board the comments of Mr. Lashmar that, in his opinion, the firework display was in this instance somewhat inadequate. We can assure him that next year steps will have been taken to rectify this, and that is a solemn promise.

I wish to point out that the Cricket Club has been in existence for over 16 years, and is not only there for the benefit of its members. Residents of all nationalities, and holidaymakers are always welcome at our matches, admission is free, and the cricket teas and drinks are 100% value for money!

The Bonfire Night is our only fund raising event of the year and is well established in the calendar of events on the island.

As in most sporting organisations there are hefty running costs, in fact recently the old generator at the MCC gave up the will to live, and a new one had to be purchased at some considerable cost.

This year's admission to the Bonfire of 5 euros, hardly a fortune, was the first price increase for 4 years. Only adults were charged, the price also included a glass of mulled wine.

The figure of 1'000 in attendance took into account children, all of who were admitted FREE, and were also given one or two sparklers on entry. It is unfortunate, but quite normal these days, that one cannot please everyone. I personally was unaware of any complaints, even though I was on the gate all evening.

Finally let me answer the jibe about the framed polo shirt signed by Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher. I for one would have been more than delighted to win this collectors item, and judging by the response from the public there were certainly many more people of the same opinion!

The MCC members worked extremely hard to ensure that everyone was well catered for, and it is more than disappointing to be accused of being out to make a fast buck at the public's expense, especially when that 'public' is predominently made up of children. The object of the exercise is to bring enjoyment to the community at large, and in view of the fact that there were so many people present on Tuesday last I don't think we failed miserably. There will always be dissatisfied customers, but I would hazzard a guess that at least 80% of those people who came along to enjoy a fun evening did just that!

Yours sincerely

Simon Peters
Mallorca Cricket Club