Dear Sir,

The problem here in Majorca is not that there isn't enough Police like we hear all the time in the local press, but the Police that we have got are not interested in the problems that exist on the street.

When I first came to Majorca about 15 years ago it was great, the present problems of being mugged, raped or murdered were never as close to reality as they are today and why?

The problem is that the police have realised, that you can get a lot more revenue from traffic situations, speeding, parking, drinking & driving. The police are not interested in catching car thieves, they can't make money from that.

Last week my friend got pulled up by two police on bikes and asked to put his dog on a lead, meanwhile two streets down a lady is being dragged down the road by two muggers on a scooter.

Another situation this year. A friend of mine got done for reversing more than 5 metres into a parking space, by the local police. Is this why we need more police so that more of them can ignore the real problems on the street and attack the normal citizen who just wants to get on with his or her life.

Sharon Fisher. Palma