I am no supporter of the tourist tax. I have said so in this column on many occasions. But I must say that I am pleased that the controversial surcharge won an Award from the Travel Writers Guild in Britain. There has been much lobbying against the Balearics winning this prize not just in Britain but here also. In other words I believe in fair play and I believe that any prize for the tourist industry is good news and should be celebrated by all especially now with bookings falling. The tax has not been well received simply because the local government failed to get its message across. Now it is in place and I must say that the local authorities appear to be spending the money sensibly. At the moment everyone in the industry should be working together to try to help the islands get out of this difficult situation. This week much of the travel industry is in London working for the good of the Balearics. The Bulletin is playing its very small part also with our World Travel Market supplement being well received at the fair. I must say that it gave me a great sense of pride to see photographs of the minister for tourism Celesti Alomar with the award and our supplement in London yesterday. Everyone should take heart from the award and put the nonsense of the past behind and concentrate on the common good of these islands. The tourist tax may not have been well received by some here but the fact that 500 travel writers in the UK think it is a good idea is certainly a positive step forward. Well done Balearics, you are certainly worthy of many awards.

Jason Moore