I would be more supportive of the so-called peace campaigners who are busy chaining themselves to tanks in Britain if they actually did the same in Iraq. I would also give my full backing to the human shields who are off to Baghdad if they also divided their numbers between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel. You may say that it is Iraq which is facing attack and naturally the peace movement should be campaigning in the alleged aggressor countries. But we all know what would happen if they chained themselves to one of Saddam's tanks. Sending human shields to Kuwait and other countries who could face attack from Iraq would also be useless because the “Butcher of Baghdad” is not big on saving innocent civilians and I don't think human rights exist in his country. Good old Tony Benn interviews Saddam Hussein and he says that he has never supported Al Qaeda. Well there we go Saddam Hussein is obviously not the serial liar we all thought he was. In fact he is an honourable chap, who needs 50 palaces and a standing army fives times that of Britain for his own personal protection. What next! Saddam Hussein will be setting up his own branch of Amnesty International and inviting Tony Benn to be his Vice President? I am not in favour of an all out attack on Iraq but I am getting rather tired of the leaders of the western democracies being portrayed as the warmongers who want to declare war on good old Saddam Hussein, who holds regular elections, holds informal meetings with the leader of the opposition and is obviously concerned at the suffering in his own nation brought about by his own policies. Saddam Hussein is a very sinister man who should be removed so that his own country can move forward out of the dark ages. There has been much talk that the Iraq conflict is all about oil. Yes, but if the Iraqi oil fields do fall into “western hands” they will start pumping oil out on the world stage and as a direct result prices will fall. As we all know Saddam can only export a small amount of oil at the moment, hence oil prices remain high. Oil is one of the biggest commodities in the world and unless we all decide to abandon our cars it will continue to be so. Let's have a reality check please. If I had to choose between Saddam, or George W. Bush, Tony Blair or Jose Maria Aznar I know who would get my vote. I would like to see a diplomatic solution to Iraq with Saddam and his evil henchmen being removed and brought to justice. We have a lot to be proud of in the west and a high price has been paid for the free speech we enjoy today. Hopefully, the question of Iraq can be resolved peacefully so that the people of Iraq can enjoy the same freedoms that we have in Europe and in the United States.

Jason Moore