Dear Sir, Critics who cry “anti semitic” at the BBC, which is certainly the world's most objective radio and TV media outlet, should accept that the truth of events in the Middle East leads irrevocably to “anti–semiticism”. How can it not do so when there exists such obvious U.S. double standards over Israel's certain possession of weapons of mass destruction, including nukes and the denial of the right of any of her neighbours to possess the same. And, when it is considered anti–semitic to even suggest that there is an imbalance between US reaction to Israels right to bear arms and the right of other Mid East nations to arm themselves, then anti semiticism is inevitable. Or, how come rocketing civilians to death from a helicopter is not terrorism and yet blowing them up in a suicide bid, is terrorism? Pious talk about breaking U.N. resolutions is selective to say the least. And while very likely very few of us want Saddam or the Ayatollas of Iran and we certainly don't want them armed with nukes BUT can we afford to allow the USA (and Israel) to ride rough shod over all international law, to pre–emptively strike any country they want to and to dictate their “norm” as to how all the world citizens should behave – or else! That “or else”, as of David Blunket's signing the new one way extradition treaty with the USA this week, means that British citizens can now be extradited without trial proceedings in their own country and even “disappeared” into a U.S. holding tank, forever – without recourse to legal challenge. What is often interpreted as ANTI semiticism is anything but – it is PRO each and every individual's right to survive whatever their country, religion or ethnic background. Thank God and Allah for the BBC! Meb Cutlack