Dear Editor

Re: “Reckless disregard for truth” - Calvia

I am amazed at (Calvia opposition leader) Sr Manchado's (PSOE) comment re (Calvia Mayor) Sr. Delgado's “misappropriation of public funds to file false accusations against Sra Najera”.

Might I point out that those of the Calvia electorate who did vote for Sr Delgado at the last election did so knowing that one of his electoral promises was to sort out corruption, ensure more accountability and credibility within the Town Hall, i.e. be more accountable to the Calvia taxpayers.

Sra Najera whilst on post (once elected) seemed to feel she had divine right to spend taxpayers money, however, whenever, and on whatever she liked. As a ratepayer I challenge her to answer, by what right/authority she was allowed to do just that? She (and her party) were entrusted with our money, she abused/misused that trust.

It's obvious to all who are following the ongoing saga that outside forces are at work, trying (and at present succeeding) to block a democratic investigation - by the shelving of the charges against the ex-mayoress.

Spain/Majorca considers iself a democratic country. May I suggest it starts behaving like one.
Yet again, it comes back to words CREDIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY, both it appears to be sadly lacking in the Spanish dictionary/and Spanish politics.

M. Irving