By Jason Moore FIRSTLY, may I congratulate all the shops which opened their doors for business on Sunday. In Palma it gives the city centre a certain buzz which is usually missing. It was nice to see also, especially in the hypermarkets, that the public supported them. Now the autumn is approaching and the tourists are departing it would be a good idea if shops opened every Sunday.

I know that is just a dream and I know that it will never happen, but it would be nice. However, congratulations to the big stores who do appear to be making progress on this front. However, after a day spent shopping I expected to go out to a restaurant for dinner. A bad mistake. I drew up a short-list of five cheaply priced tapas and light food restaurants in the city centre. All five were closed, despite the fact that at eight o'clock there were still quite a few people milling around. You just can't win can you? The shops may be open but the ideal post-shopping restaurants are closed. Basically, in the centre of Palma's premier shopping district if you didn't want a Big Mac or a sandwich in a bar then you had to stay hungry. How can Palma become a weekend getaway break destination, which has benefited other parts of Spain so dramatically, if bars and restaurants continue with outdated opening practices.

A light meal in a nice restaurant would have finished off a great day in Palma. Unfortunately, I had to join the masses and settled for a Big Mac. Now I know why good old Ronald McDonald has 15 outlets in Majorca... they are the only places which stay open all day seven days a week.

Although I understand that some businesses are feeling the pinch this year, especially bars and restaurants, perhaps they should just rethink their opening hours and perhaps they may find that their businesses do better.