Dear Sir,

“NEARLY 800 pupils at the Berneguer d'Anoiea school, backed by the headmaster and teachers, staged a “sit-in” in the playground for an hour yesterday, in protest at the lack of heating in the classrooms.

Student representatives said...” (MDB, 14-1-05) Nonsense. Pure spin.
Teachers at the school used their charges as props to complain about working conditions. However exasperated they might be about conditions at the school there is no excuse for abusing the trust put in them in this way.

They are hired to teach students. They took time off from that. They forced the children into the cold or are we to assume that it was warmer outside?
Last year a similar event took place in Inca. It involved younger children.
It would appear that the teachers' union in Inca loves political theater and considers children stagehands and extras for whatever the cause of the day is.

The authorites should crack down on these self rightious thugs.
A criminal prosecution should be considered.
At least their pay should be docked for the work they refused to do.
The idea that 800 children took over the school without the organising of teachers is puerile.
Any reporter who does not understand that is a fool at best.
More likely the reporter simply made up a fairy tale to fit his own point of view.
Hank Dorsey