By Jason Moore U.S. Navy aircraft carriers are more than welcome once again in Majorca, which is good news. The visit, this week, of the Theodore Roosevelt, which departed yesterday, caused a real buzz in Majorca and if it had been open to the public, I suspect that at least half of Majorca would have wanted to go aboard. Indeed the Theodore Roosevelt is a fantastic vessel and one of the most powerful afloat.

I don't think there was a single incident which marred its visit. Its crew of 5'500 were on their best behaviour; a poster stating “Don't Forget You Are Ambassadors for Your Country” just by the main gangway made it clear to the crew who were going ashore. Majorca has a tradition of welcoming foreign navies and thankfully this is a trend which appears to be continuing. Hopefully, we will now see a return of the U.S. Navy to Palma, it appears that good relations have now been reestablished. The U.S. Navy League in Majorca and the U.S. Consular Agency has worked very hard to restore relations between Majorca and the Sixth Fleet. Just five years ago the Roosevelt's sister ship, the George Washington was greeted by protest when she visited the port. But all that is now in the past and the future looks very bright.

The U.S. Navy is probably one of the most generous in the world and they have done much for Majorca over the years. I tasted 7 Up and a U.S. Navy style burger for the first time when I was six thanks to a party given for the whole Majorcan village where I lived by the U.S. Navy. Majorca's reputation as the friendship island is back on track, which is good news for everyone. Let's hope that the Roosevelt will return soon.