By Jason Moore HERO or villain? Did Zidane's sending off rob France of World Cup glory or was it because of Zidane that France actually reached the final? It is a difficult question but it is such a shame that this great player's final match should be marred by a sending off following a stupid incident. A player of his great experience should obviously know better. That five seconds of madness has probably robbed the French captain of final glory. He will always be remembered for that incident. What he did can't be overlooked, it was disgraceful and deserved a sending off. Zidane is a role model for millions of budding young footballers. The red card was certainly deserved in the same way as Wayne Rooney deserved his marching orders which effectively ended England's dream of World Cup glory. As far as I am concerned both Zidane and Rooney are villains, their stupidity cost football fans very dear. The beautiful game deserves better. Loutish behaviour has no place on the football field. The Zidane incident came at the end of a rather average World Cup; brilliantly organised but without any great players coming out of the woodwork. The player many people had tipped for World Cup glory just proved that he can't control his temper and probably led to England's World Cup exit. The player who has been an inspiration to France also proved that he couldn't control himself. Not a beautiful end.