By Jason Moore

THE countdown has already started for the next local elections which are taking place next spring. The centre right Partido Popular, which seems to be the most go-ahead when it comes to courting the non-Spanish European vote, has been staging a series of presentations across the island on the importance of voting. The Partido Popular has certainly realised that a few hundred votes, can make a major difference and in some cases change the balance of power. It has been claimed that without the so-called European vote the Partido Popular may not have taken Calvia from the Socialists. It has been suggested that the majority of European expatriates lean to the right rather than the left. I don't think this is the case at all these days with a large number of younger people moving to the island to work.

Also, the political landscape is changing. Conservative leader David Cameron has decided to pull his party out of the grouping in the European parliament which includes the Partido Popular because of differences over policy. Over the coming months the main political parties from socialists to conservatives will be mounting a major campaign to court the non-Spanish European vote. Its importance can't be underestimated as in some key areas it could break the political deadlock. The coming months are going to prove most interesting.